For whom

The “Sunny” country house was created for the permanent residence of a family of four.

A task

The first thing that catches the eye is the lack of obvious overlap between the rooms interiors. The kitchen, which leads into the living room, has almost nothing to do with the bedrooms, and the bedrooms are very different from each other. But if you look closely for similar details, you will notice that the bedrooms are made in the same style, and their main difference is the color scheme. But, at the same time, the bathrooms are created in a single interior ensemble with the bedrooms and the living room. The thing is that there are connecting elements in every single room, it is either a tree or a matching color scheme. The work on this project was very interesting. Visually, it is immediately determined that the tastes of the residents of the house are strikingly different, but we managed to put everything together into a large and very beautiful puzzle. Here we are very lucky with panoramic windows that act as natural decorators.

Completed tasks:

kitchen and living room zoning; organization of a unique space where each room is an independent unit; drawing up a single color scheme in private rooms; creation of a common interior space of bathrooms; installation of various light sources for variability of lighting scenarios; maximum use of usable space; optimization of storage systems; the use of panoramic windows for natural decoration of space; giving severity to the interior using geometric elements.


  • modern style;
  • Scandinavia;
  • loft;
  • modern.