For whom

The “Salt and Pepper” apartment in Moscow is for young family with a growing boy. Parents are to leave the apartment to their son in the future.

Tasks Main tasks:

Creation of private zones for each family member; rejection of the obvious interiors overlapping; the use of golden elements in the interior: a kitchen set, lighting, soft bar stools, panels on the walls in corridor and the parent’s bedroom, as well as in the bathroom; creation of a dynamic interior space using details with strict geometry; creation of an interior, the color scheme and the location of the details of which will lead to a full relaxation; using multiple light sources to create different lighting scenarios; rearrangement of the loggia, which is adjacent to the young man’s bedroom, into a study room. The high ceilings allowed us to build in several light sources that blend harmoniously with the overall interior. As a result, we managed to create an interior space in which all family members would feel comfortable.


The project “Salt and Pepper” combines notes of modern bohemian chic, Scandinavia and loft. A modern interior, a loft and a few steampunk elements are reflected in the young man’s bedroom.