For whom

The apartment in the “Petrovskaya Dominanta” Housing estate was created for episodic residence during business trips. A young man will live in the apartment.

A task

The footage of the apartment allowed us to bring all ideas to life without fear that the space would be overloaded.

Main tasks:

Elaboration of the common area of ​​​​the kitchen-dining room, which goes into the living room; strict visual zoning with the help of flowers, light elements, and upholstered furniture; combination of several styles: loft, modern, and art deco; it was necessary to balance the active elements with the help of colors and monolithic details: cold gray walls, a heavy modular sofa; filling of the kitchen area in warm shades: cinnamon, gold, sand, white, delicate slightly dusty turquoise; creation of a warm cozy living room in cold shades: gray, graphite, black; elaboration of the private zone space, and a combination of elements of different styles: a soft geometric headboard that echoes the bedside pouffe and bedside tables, the choice of a single color scheme for static elements – the bed podium and the wall; selection of non-standard elements for lighting and creating various lighting scenarios.


  • Loft;
  • Art Deco;
  • Modern;
  • Contemporary style.