For whom

The project of the “Artisan” clubhouse was made for a young man.

A task

The apartment looks like a true bachelor’s suite. We used the maximum amount of useful space in the appartment, and did not make the interior heavy and bulky at the same time. Played with a combination of contradictory materials, – such an oxymoron gives amazing results. What is worth paying attention in this project: strict space zoning; natural wood floor, the coloring of which gives a slight dusty effect; combined precise engineering designs and style; an abundance of metal structures in the interior: racks, ceilings, slopes; large windows and a lot of light that plays in favour of the interior. With all its brutality, we managed to make it cozy; contrasting details: soft leather armchairs, bed lighting, plants on shelves and racks.

Perhaps this work gives a complete picture of what a loft is.