How we work
Creation of a design project

1. Meeting
- In our cozy studio in the city center (private parking)
- At an object or a neutral place convenient for you
- Zoom/Skype for remote objects
2. Measurements
- Our studio takes measurements all over Russia
- Photo/video fixation on the object
- Our measurements are our responsibility.
3. Brief
- Our questionnaire has been verified for 15 years of the studio work
- We collect all the necessary information
- We will create the perfect project just for you
4. Planning and concept
- All plannings follow the ergonomics rules
- References and collages to convey the style
- The real masterpieces are born at this stage
5. Budget
- We will prepare specifications for furniture and materials
- We make selections in different price segments
- We agree on the budget and don't go its beyond
6. 3D visualization
- We create a photorealistic picture of your future interior
7. Working documentation
- A complete and detailed package of drawings to accurately implement the design of all our ideas
The builders will not have a single question

How we work
Design project realization

1. We make an estimate
- We fix the price in the contract.
- The cost will not change until the end of repair.
2. Staged payment
- You pay for the next stage only after you accept the previous one.
3. Video surveillance
- All our facilities are equipped with cameras and we control the implementation 24/7
4. Purchase of draft materials
- We buy from major suppliers at the most favorable price for you.
5. Control of contractors
- All related organizations hand over their work to our specialist.
6. We insure our objects
- Any unforeseen situation is under our control.
7. Technical supervision
- We carry out coordination and interaction with third-party organizations.